Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Quick Entry

It had been a while since my last entry. It is not because I don't have time to write. It's just I've lost my spirit to write something.

I don't have issue here to talk about and I don't really talk about my personal life, unless I have something good to share.

Many things happened to our country this few months. Especially at Sabah. They are part of our country. And, of course, as Malaysian, I can feel the struggles there. Thanks God. It's over now.

For today. I can feel the heat of election day. I really hope this year election can bring changes to our country and make our country as a better place.  Our country had been labelled as a corruption country, dalam BM, negara yang banyak rasuah by Washington newspaper.  So, I really hope this year election can clean back our country's name.

Pray the best for our country.  And, I really hope for my next entry,  I can write something good. 

Smile people. You are beautiful creatures :)