Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Love Is About Timing

I remember a guy. Whom I know since I was in primary school until secondary school. We're not so close but he had being a great friends for me.

Until form 5, after I finished my SPM, I just realized it, since Form 2, he always sit in front of me, and always there when I need help and talk. And on the last day we have our SPM examination, he gave me a necklace,  a beautiful necklace with a short message in the box, and till then, I never met him again. Never.

But today, after 2 years, I still thinking of him. I can't contact him. I wish I can tell him how much I miss him. But, I realized, it's not good timing. Me and him have different path. I hope he is happy with his life now.   

What left between me and him, is history. Because I know, he is not going back to find me and I don't have the courage to find him. And, perhaps, he don't care about me anymore.

Have a good life friends. Thank you for the lesson. Thank you for the memory.

It's time for me to let go the memory..

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